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We have been in small business enterprises for over 25 years and operated multiple profitable small businesses. With all this experience we then began consulting many clients to help advise on the risks and benefits of their chosen business. Studying small business markets and then consulting our clients. We then naturally assessed the popular home based business markets.

We found that there were real opportunities to create a business that had all the standard fundamentals of a traditional small business but without the large overheads such as leases, rent or capital for office fit out. You will still have operating expenses such as sales and marketing or stock etc. but the overheads are greatly reduced. We found and have chosen businesses that have an established support and training regimes to get you started. Home business finder was established in 2003 to offer a free service to help you research and select a potential home based business with greater confidence and that with the dedication, hard work and the enthusiasm that is normally required to operate a small business, you could be working from home.