Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

No, we have researched all these businesses and have only selected legitimate businesses or franchises for you to review.

Yes, at anytime you can select the opt out button at the top of the page to cancel our service and also be unsubscribed from any future update newsletter.

We will select up to 4, based on your request details. Only 4 representatives from 4 businesses will contact you with a business or franchise proposal for your review and consideration – you may request more if none appeal to you.

You can work full time or part time, and what you invest in both time and money depends on the business you choose, but you must commit to be successful in any business model or market. It’s your choice and your level of comfort to attain. Time spent is an important factor in any business and must be spent as wisely as the money you invest. All traditional small businesses require capital investment for leases, rent, insurances and office/shop fit out , however the home based business models generally requires considerably less capital as you are based and working from a home office. With today’s computer technology your office location is less and less important to your customers.

We have seen solid business models fail only due to the client giving up to soon, the seeds of growth were just going to sprout and they pulled the pin to soon. My Grandfathers comment on business always stuck with me, “You have to tend to your garden or the weeds will take over and it becomes a jungle”.

All businesses are a risk, Traditional and Home Based. The secret is to limit your risk and exposure to losses but without crushing the entrepreneur spirit. I mentioned in a prior article that there are 6 points to focus on when reviewing a business, answer each one to your satisfaction. Take time to listen to the representative, read their proposals – ask many questions and research each company yourself and take your time to choose based on your personal circumstances and level of comfort.

We have a diverse range to review so you have the choice.
Some examples: Telecommunication services, Power utility services, Health and well being, Personal development, Consumer products, Multimedia services, Seminar and coaching services, etc…

Generally within 24 to 48 hours of you requesting our help.